To me yoga sometimes loses its meaning, it sometimes becomes all about the class when it is so much more. It’s a way to keep healthy, to humble and calm ones soul and this is why I don’t consider myself just a holistic therapist, skin specialist, personal trainer, yoga instructor or nutritionist. I am a Wellness Coach. I have combined half a lifetime of health training covering everything form yoga to nutrition, anatomy to Holistic therapy. My goal as an instructor is to guide my students through their journey of self improvement. Fitness changes lives, eating better, exercising more and meditating gives you more energy, boosts your confidence and focuses your mind to help you deal with life’s many stresses. From improving your skin to weight loss, staying healthy and general overall well-being, I will work with you to customise a program best suited to your goals, ability and experience. Check out the “Meet your instructor page” for more information.


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